MLS Overall View


1-10  Teton County, WY (for a more detailed view click here)
11A   North of Star Valley (Alpine, Etna)
11B   Central Star Valley (Freedom WY, Thayne, Star Valley Ranch, Bedford)
11C   South Star Valley (Afton, Auburn, Smoot, Grover, Fairview, Osmond, Cokeville)
11D   Star Valley, ID (Idaho State line-Banana’s Store North of Alpine to Auburn, Tin Cup & Freedom ID)
13     Fremont County, WY
14     North Sublette County, WY
14A  South Sublette County and South Lincoln County, WY (Kemmerer, LaBarge)
15    Any other area not mentioned (Montana, areas of Wyoming not listed)
16-19  Teton County, ID (for a more detailed view click here)
20    Idaho (Swan Valley, Irwin, Palisades)
21    Any other Idaho area
22    Sweetwater County, WY