October 1, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

These classes have been cancelled.  They will be rescheduled for the Spring 2022

Mind Your Own Business

Ed Hatch, Instructor

Designing a focused, profitable and personal plan.  There are fundamental design elements in any successful personal plan.  First the Foundation – choosing and committing to the essence of what will make you “famous” to your clients – your unique and compelling value proposition.  Second the Cornerstone – an accurate and measurable “financial target” which represents the quality of life you wish to create for yourself and family.  In this session, we will design that vision, identify appropriate operating and marketing expenses, calculate a financial target, translate that target into number of settled units, and analyze your personal promotion options to assure success.

October 1 ~  9am-12pm

Grand View Ballroom (Behind Snow King Resort)

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New Negotiating Edge

Ed Hatch, Instructor

What percentage of your day would you say you are actively attempting to influence…persuade…negotiate with others?  We are living in a world fraught with strongly felt differences that end up in conflict, and the intuitive path for most of us whether in business or our personal relationships is to win even at the expense of others.  The road from confrontation to agreement is not the elimination of these differences…that is not even possible.  So, how do you go about winning the cooperation of others in an environment of strongly felt differences…winning others over vs. winning over others?  The answer is by understandingmastering…and implementing the principles of influence, persuasion, leadership, negotiation.

October 1  ~  1pm-4pm

Grand View Ballroom (Behind Snow King Resort)

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