2018 Annual Dues! TBOR must receive your payment by December 31 – no exceptions!

The Annual Dues deadline was December 1.
There is a 30 day grace period.
Your annual dues must be received by the TBOR office December 31!
(We will be open until Friday, December 29 ~ 5pm. You can drop off your check in the box.)
Avoid the late fee & reinstatement fee! There will be no exceptions – if your check is not received by the TBOR office by December 31 – then your membership will be suspended & you will need to pay the late fees.

$100 Late Fee – Teton Board of Realtors®
$150 reinstatement fee – Wyoming Realtors®

$1,190.00 – Full member Dues

You can pay electronically on nar.realtor website.  Be sure to REGISTER your account to get your username & password to enable you to sign in.
• visit www.tbor.org , click on pay dues (see member instructions)
• for any help & questions – call 800-874-6500
You can pay by check – drop off or mail your check today! (but remember – it must be received by the TBOR office by December 31)

A payment plan is available. Contact the TBOR office for details.
If you are planning on letting your license go inactive, please notify the TBOR office.